Tips for Calling Customer Service Department UK
25 June, 2016

Be Prepared When you call customer service one of the first things that you need to give them, and also one of the first things they need to help you, is a reference number of some sort. This can be your order number, delivery number,.... Read More

Don't be afraid to complain
8 January, 2015

If you are unhappy with any part of your customer services call you should complain. It might be you were waiting too long to connect, or were held in an automated service that didn’t give you the right options. It could be that you were.... Read More

Customer Surveys
11 December, 2015

Many companies will ask if you’d mind taking part in a Customer Survey. These rarely take longer than 3 minutes, and can be very useful in customer service improvements. Any feedback you are able to provide positive or negative will be considered by the company.... Read More

Your call is important
11 December, 2015

Your call should be considered important by the company you are calling and treated accordingly. A dissatisfied customer is not a happy customer and the company should be doing all they can to rectify any issues quickly and politely. Always be mindful that you are.... Read More

10 December, 2015

Any information provided during your customer service call must be kept confidential and may only be dealt with in accordance with the requirements of the data protection legislation. Such legislation is designed to ensure that information collected by the Customer Services Operation is not used.... Read More

What should you expect from the customer service agent?
4 November, 2015

Customer Service Agents should adhere to the following: The agent should be polite and have a nice clear voice. I would expect the agent to provide their name, it can be a good idea to write this down. The agent should always ask your permission.... Read More