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0844 453 3566
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Orange Customer Services,
Orange UK Plc
PO Box 486 Rotherham, S63 5ZX
Orange Opening Times : Mon-Sun 8am-9pm

Tel: 0844 453 3566

Calls are charged at 7p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge. This is a connection service and connects you to Orange customer service department. This site is not affiliated with Orange , read more about our service here.
About Orange

Contact Orange Customer Services team 0844 453 3566


Contact Orange Customer Services

Are you facing difficulties with your Orange Phone?


Looking to upgrade your contract with Orange?


You should contact Orange helpline team who can assist you with any of the issues you may have.


About Orange


Orange is a leading UK mobile telecommunication provider. Orange was originally launched in 1993 and they serve over 17 million phone and broadband customers.


In the year 2010, Orange was merged with Tmobile. This means the end of Orange brand, and the creation of the new brand EE. In 2015, all Orange tariff plans were withdrawn by EE.


Why would I need to Contact Orange Customer Services phone number?

  • Manage your account and price quotes
  • Explore the best phone and contracts as per your needs.
  • If you have any query about 4G.
  • Get assistance with any security issues
  • Get 24//7 assistance with unlocking your phone
  • Find out whether 4G is available in your area


If Orange no longer exists, how can I Contact Orange Customer Services on the phone?


Orange is owned by EE now. You can Contact Orange Customer Services team using this Orange contact telephone number – 0844 453 3566. You will be redirected to the customer services of EE. So all your queries related to Orange should be solved.


Disclaimer: Calls are charged at 7p per minutes. Support Phone numbers is UK’s Call Connections Services which connects you to Orange customer support department. This site is not affiliated with Orange. Read more about Orange services, click here.

Orange Customer Service FAQs
  • Q : How can I contact Orange Customer Service?
  • Ans :The quickest way to contact Orange is by using the telephone number at the top of the page. However, we have listed their address and website too if you’d like to try contacting them that way.
  • Q : How do I make a complaint to Orange?
  • Ans :Here at Support Phone Numbers we recommend putting your complaint in writing to Orange. A telephone call, followed by a written complaint could help your query be resolved more quickly. What’s more, you’ll have a written record of your communication with Orange for future reference should you need it.
  • Q : When is it best to contact Orange?
  • Ans :The peak time for most companies receiving calls is around 5-6pm, so try and avoid lengthy call queues by contacting them during the day if possible. However, the full opening hours for Orange are Mon-Sun 8am-9pm.
  • Q : How do I find more company details?
  • Ans :At Support Phone Numbers, we've listed a wide range of companies alongside their full contact details so that you don't have to scour the web for hours! Using our easy to navigate website you can quickly search for Customer Service details and live chat too! Simply enter the Orange you’re looking for and follow the instructions on screen.
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