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Tips for Calling Customer Service Department UK

Be Prepared

When you call customer service one of the first things that you need to give them, and also one of the first things they need to help you, is a reference number of some sort. This can be your order number, delivery number, account number and so on. Having these details to hand will help the customer service agent get your information up quicker which means they can deal with your issue in a fast and efficient manner.

Explain Yourself Clearly

Once you have confirmed all your details with the customer service agent you should explain your problem clearly and get straight to the point. The clearer you explain everything, the sooner the agent can resolve your problem.

Get a Name

Make sure that you ask for the agents name and repeat it back to them. You need to make sure you have this to hand if you need to make any future calls so that you can refer to who you spoke to last.

Be Calm and Polite

The best way to get your problem solved is to remain calm and polite. If you shout and swear at a customer service agent this can give them a reason to terminate your call. Also you have to remember that your problem or complaint is unlikely to have been caused by the agent. They are there to try and help you, so make sure you give them a reason to.

Keep Notes and Documents

If you have an on-going issue or complaint with a company, make sure that you keep notes of all your conversations including who you spoke to, the date, time and also what the conversation was about and what the resolution was at the end of the call. If there are any documents that have been sent to you regarding your issue, make sure you keep this safe along with your notes.

Get a Reference Number

Make sure you ask if there is a reference number for your call. If there isn’t just make sure you get the name of the person.

Write in to Complain

If you feel that after following all of the above your complaint has not been resolved then you should send an email or letter to the company in question. In this you need to make sure you clearly explain your problem and then give them all of the history of your calls.

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